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Customer feedback doesn’t help if it’s trapped in a spreadsheet. At Delighted, we strive to channel the voice of the customer directly to your team to help you drive meaningful improvements within your organization.

delighted ios app

The initial release of the Delighted iOS app took this core ethos one step further by sending a live stream of customer feedback straight to your iPhone or iPad. With it, you could keep tabs on customer feedback no matter the time or place, and ask team members to follow up – straight from your phone.

The latest update enhances the app with the same filtering and segmentation capabilities as the web platform. Now, you can:

  • Use Properties from your Delighted Dashboard to filter feedback in-app
  • Search through your feedback with keywords
  • Set date range filters for historic context

As always, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what one Delighted customer has to say:

Access to my critical customer data on the go

I love using Delighted to survey my customers and track their health via NPS. Unfortunately if a customer reported an issue in the survey, I wouldn’t see it if I wasn’t on my laptop. Now I can check on surveys and see my overall score at any time. Data syncing works great and I can even submit comments to track customer follow-up with my team members. Thanks Delighted – this is an awesome app!


Download the Delighted iOS app, and stay connected to your customers whenever, wherever.