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With Delighted Surveys, it’s incredibly easy to create surveys and ask your customers whatever you want to know. However, when you can ask your customers about anything and everything, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s where our latest feature comes in. We’re excited to share our new, curated collection of 50+ ready-made surveys. 

These surveys are:

  • Pre-built with questions that speak to your target audience
  • Specifically crafted to collect key customer or employee lifecycle feedback 
  • Fully customizable and enhanced by AI
  • Complementary to your existing experience management program

Keep reading to learn more about our latest innovation. 

Take the guesswork out of what to ask your audience

Whether you specialize in product, marketing, customer experience, HR, sales, or education, these easy-to-use templates were created with your survey goals in mind. 

all available Delighted templates

Plus, to make getting up and running even easier, our experts have identified the most impactful survey questions you should be asking to inform your business strategy and boost growth. 

Customize for your brand and enhance with AI

These templates are part of Delighted Surveys, which means all of the customization and reporting capabilities of Surveys apply. Add your logo, colors, and fonts, and create a personalized welcome and thank you message that reflects your brand identity.

And that’s not all – you can also customize the survey questions to your use case with the help of AI. Once you’ve added two questions from the templates to your survey, AI Recommended Questions will kick in and suggest more questions that you can add. 

“I customized Delighted’s templated churn survey with AI Recommended Questions. It was SO easy, I had a new survey built out within 1 minute! Each time the AI shared recommendations, all three were great ideas – I ended up adding two of them to my survey. This is a really cool functionality that makes me feel super confident about the survey I’ve created.”

Sophia Krich-Brinton, Customer Success, Streamline AI

Ask team stakeholders for feedback on your survey, and report and share your findings, all within a single platform.

Supplement your existing Delighted CX program

Use these templates to supplement a holistic experience management program, so you have even more context to the metrics you’re already measuring (such as NPS, CSAT, CES, or eNPS). By adding surveys to key moments in the customer lifecycle, you’ll gain a complete picture of your audience’s preferences, needs, and sentiment.

When to use Delighted CX vs Surveys

Delighted CX is a pre-built customer experience solution centered around time-tested survey best practices to create an ongoing CX program. Delighted CX surveys are best for keeping a steady pulse on customer and/or employee sentiment at all times with benchmarking metrics such as NPS and CSAT. 

These survey templates, on the other hand, are fully developed surveys designed for specific use cases, such as measuring customer churn or learning how customers found your product.

churn questions

The templates are perfect for supplementing the feedback program you’re already running on Delighted CX.

Get started

Ready to try out the templates that will make surveying a breeze? Get started for free!

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