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Less than six months ago, we introduced Delighted Surveys, a from-scratch survey solution, that radically expanded the variety of surveys you could create on our platform. By design, Delighted Surveys offers a blank canvas for you and your team to build any survey you can think of – including customer experience (CX) surveys and any other survey use case imaginable.

Following that launch, we prioritized listening to your customer feedback, holding over 100 product-focused conversations to learn what you loved or didn’t love about the product. During those chats, we heard the same refrain over and over: “While I like being able to create a survey from scratch, I also want to know the best practices for creating X type of survey.” 

In other words, even though everyone enjoys the freedom that Delighted Surveys provides, many of you wanted best practices embedded into the product to ensure you’re creating the most effective survey possible – especially if you were creating a new survey type for the first time.

With this feedback in mind, we focused our Q1 roadmap on bridging that gap and transforming Delighted Surveys into a guided survey experience. We integrated sophisticated AI tools and templates infused with best practices. Now, you can start from scratch, or utilize our latest survey templates and AI-driven question recommendations features to advance the survey creation process.

Find out about these updates and more, below. We’ll also give a Delighted CX platform update and share our live Q2 roadmap.

AI assisted survey creation

To kick off the year, we focused on AI-supported survey creation within Delighted Surveys.

From crafting surveys to deriving insights, every aspect of Delighted AI is meticulously designed to keep you – the customer – in control. Unlike the AI tools you see in the wild today, we ensure our AI solutions are user-centric, intelligently guiding you through survey creation, analysis, and program optimization. With Delighted AI, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Struggling to find the right questions as you’re building your survey? Tap into the power of Delighted’s AI Recommended Questions. Just add at least two questions to your survey, and AI Recommended Questions will generate relevant, context-driven questions for you to consider. Perfect for overcoming writer’s block or unlocking new perspectives, these suggestions are not only helpful, but are also purpose-built for the tone and content of your survey. 

Fun fact: The question recommendations are localized. Whether your survey is built in Spanish, German, or any other language, we have you covered!

Delighted Survey’s ready-made survey templates

In Q1, we rolled out pre-built survey templates designed for specific use cases. From measuring product usability to addressing employee burnout, you can utilize and customize fully curated templates with just a single click. Explore our library of 50+ customer and employee templates or, better yet, share and collaborate on them with your team. 

Fun fact: Your team can access the templates without a Delighted account!

Delighted CX’s latest distribution method: The Embed platform

Sometimes the best way to send a survey is with the tools you already use. In Q1, we introduced Delighted CX’s new Embed platform, designed to seamlessly integrate surveys into your existing marketing automation and CRM tools like Klaviyo and HubSpot. Whether you’re incorporating surveys into a marketing email flow or triggering them after CRM interactions, Embed makes it easy.

Stay tuned for what’s next at Delighted

These are just a few of our updates from the last quarter. Each and every feature is built with the intent of making it faster, easier, and simply more fun to build surveys and capture your next insight trend. We’re continuing to build AI into various aspects of the product, and you can bet we’ll keep you posted on that journey. 

Curious what we’re working on next? Take a peek at our roadmap! Tell us which features you’re most excited to try out, or drop a suggestion with ideas on how to make Delighted even better.