Put your Delighted customer experience program on autopilot with 6 new integrations, all geared towards automating key aspects of the experience management process.

These free integrations help you send surveys at just the right moment and get richer customer insights for your team, freeing you up to take action.

SupporTrends: Unearth natural language themes in all customer conversations

SupporTrends applies natural language processing to all customer conversations – whether they’re in a help desk, 3rd-party review site, Zoom meeting, or you guessed it, Delighted survey feedback.

With the Delighted + SupporTrends integration, machine learning algorithms go to work on your Delighted surveys as your responses come in, delivering actionable insights from free-response and multiple choice questions with just a few clicks. Automatically correlate trends in customer sentiment to your organization’s key performance indicators, product lines, and more.

Learn more about setting up the SupporTrends integration.

Special offer: To help you get more value from your feedback faster, SupporTrends has created an exclusive pricing plan for Delighted customers with free access for the first month. Head here to check out SupporTrends.

Blueshift: Trigger surveys at any point of the customer journey

Blueshift helps companies deliver personalized omnichannel messaging to their audience and improve customer engagement at scale. Orchestrate your tech stack in Blueshift to align to your customer journey, and then trigger automated marketing informed by customer data for your key touchpoints.  

The Delighted + Blueshift integration allows you to trigger surveys at any point in that orchestrated journey, so you can capture real-time feedback at the moments that matter most.

Learn more about setting up the Blueshift integration.

MaestroQA: Enrich agent coaching with real-time customer feedback

MaestroQA helps companies like monday.com, Classpass, and MeUndies foster a coaching culture for their customer support teams, empowering agents to provide industry-leading and brand-defining service experiences.

The Delighted + MaestroQA integration syncs Delighted CSAT ratings and verbatim feedback to individual tickets in MaestroQA, fostering productive discussions between agents and coaches. Pinpoint where processes can be improved, identify knowledge gaps, and analyze interactions that can lead to churn.

Learn more about setting up the MaestroQA integration

Planhat: Improve customer health with feedback

Planhat helps businesses worldwide orient themselves around the customer by consolidating customer data across marketing, sales, success, and support. 

With this integration, you’ll be able to trigger Delighted surveys to specified contacts and sync the feedback to Planhat. Kick off workflows based on survey feedback to monitor and improve customer health.

Learn more about setting up the Planhat integration.

Fivetran: Automate data integration

Fivetran automates data integration so you can unlock insights faster. Thousands of companies leverage Fivetran’s ready-to-use connectors to centralize their data, so their teams can focus on impact instead of managing ETL.

Sync Delighted feedback to destinations like Snowflake, MySQL, Redshift, and more.

Learn more about setting up the Fivetran integration.

Integromat: Trigger surveys and sync feedback

Don’t see a pre-built integration for one of the tools in your tech stack? Check out Integromat’s 1,000+ apps and services. Integromat helps businesses connect almost any app or service to smooth out operations.

Automatically trigger surveys and sync feedback with hundreds of other services. Send a survey when a new response is added, or create a ticket when feedback is received. The possibilities are endless.

Learn more about setting up the Integromat integration.

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