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“We are acutely honed towards understanding our users and their direct experiences in a nuanced way.”

From developing initial concepts to prototyping and release, breathing life into a new digital product takes a lot more than just having a great idea. InVision makes it easy for you to create, collaborate, communicate, and design all in one virtual platform. 

Founded in 2011, InVision helps organizations like Airbnb, Lyft, and Amazon bring many of their innovative products to life. Through their platform, designers can create and preview prototypes, communicate design concepts to other project members, and easily collect and manage feedback through a variety of tools and integrations.

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“We believe that even the biggest problems of a complex world are solvable through collaboration, creativity, and design thinking,” says Jonathan Hau, Product Operations Manager at InVision. Through our platform, content, and community, we power the creative process from ideation to implementation.”

With an ever-evolving design platform, InVision relies on Delighted’s customer feedback surveys to improve product features, make informed business decisions, and of course, ensure that their customers’ needs are being met.

“Customer experience feedback is the driving force behind everything we do to make the best available product on the market. We are acutely honed towards understanding our users and their direct experiences in a nuanced way.”

“[We wanted] to capture user experience sentiment so that we could understand ways to improve our product based on customer feedback.”

InVision was built around the concept of easing the design process, customer experience, and usability. With customer experience at the forefront of InVision’s mission, Hau and his team take response feedback seriously and use Delighted to stay on top of trends, goals, and product advancements. 

“Prior to Delighted, we didn’t really have a tool to capture Net Promoter Score feedback,” says Hau. “[We wanted] to capture user experience sentiment so that we could understand ways to improve our product based on customer feedback. It’s important to have the ability to capture Net Promoter Score data in a simple yet effective manner.”

Numerous cross-functional teams at InVision, including customer success, data science, and product, rely on Delighted’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform for feedback on a variety of touchpoints for one core reason: the ability to tie qualitative feedback back to a measurable score.

“We had the desire to understand brand loyalty as a latent indicator of our product holistically. NPS is one measurement of how successfully we are meeting our customers’ self-perceived needs when it is contextualized with other metrics, like monthly active users, annual recurring revenue, and gross retention.” 

NPS surveys capture quantitative information that makes it easy to identify trends and prioritize customer segments that may need special attention, an essential step to discovering areas in which a product or service is doing well or areas that require further investigation.

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The second benefit of using NPS is that NPS surveys include a qualitative open-feedback question in which their customers can elaborate in more depth about the score they provided. 

The open-ended feedback is the most important part of all of the feedback we receive! We take action on nearly every piece of open-ended feedback and have automation in place to have our support team assist customers where they’re getting stuck.” 

Through the customer responses, InVision can dive deeper into areas that are measuring poorly – either through the free-form answers included in the NPS survey or by identifying detractors that may be able to provide more feedback through a quick follow-up.

All this feedback captured by Delighted, both qualitative and quantitative, is leveraged to improve customer experience.

“It’s important to understand that customer experience is everybody’s responsibility.”

When we asked Hau what his most-liked Delighted features were, he responded: “The automation and integration capabilities.”

InVision relies on Delighted to help them ensure feedback is organized, analyzed, and disseminated to all relevant team members across the organization.

“It’s important to understand that customer experience is everybody’s responsibility, but the way to divide up the work among individuals within your company is to have teams focus on specific aspects of customer experiences by thinking about it from a problem-space perspective.”

Delighted’s integration features help in bringing together all customer-focused teams in a collective customer experience initiative. Not only does customer data help all InVision teams investigate if their products are meeting customers’ expectations, but Delighted’s integration features help automate the feedback loop in support of this cross-team alignment. 

A successful Delighted integration promoting collectiveness within InVision is through Slack. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is managed in the Delighted dashboard and shared regularly with sales, support, and marketing teams via Delighted’s Slack Integration. This type of visibility is crucial for closing the gap between the teams and their customers. 

NPS feedback collected by Hau’s team is also fed into Salesforce at the Account level. With this Delighted integration, the enterprise customer success teams can gain real insight into what their customers are feeling. These insights are then used to prepare for follow-up conversations, or to proactively manage the challenges a customer may be facing before speaking with them.

NPS and open-feedback have changed the way InVision captures product feedback and measures customer happiness. That’s why, when Hau is asked if he would recommend Delighted, he says:

“Yes! It’s extremely easy to use and can scale with any organization wanting to capture NPS feedback.”

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