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For entrepreneurs starting out in online retail, Squarespace often pops up as the solution for establishing their ecommerce store and growing their brand. In fact, millions of people have already chosen Squarespace to build their online presence.

Why? Squarespace makes creating an impactful, optimized ecommerce store easy. The best-in-class web templates showcase your brand and its products in a way that entrepreneurs and customers love.

What’s more, we’ve partnered to create an even better customer experience for Squarespace customers. Delighted’s Squarespace extension, a Squarespace Commerce integration, makes the whole process of collecting post-transaction customer feedback effortless, and is available on all Delighted plans.

Now, no matter how big your Squarespace Commerce store is, you can use the same customer experience platform as Allbirds, Rent the Runway, and Bonobos to manage and improve your online retail experience.

Once you’ve integrated Squarespace Commerce with Delighted, you’ll be able to trigger post-fulfillment surveys for real-time customer feedback.

Here’s how the integration works

In a nutshell, the Delighted extension on Squarespace triggers a feedback survey once an order is marked fulfilled. All of the customer feedback shows up in your Delighted Dashboard, complete with shipping, billing, and order data to add context.

To set up the integration, first make sure you’ve configured your Delighted email survey. Customize any of our six pre-optimized survey templates (NPSCSATCES5-starThumbs, and Smileys) to match your brand. Further enhance your survey by adding up to 10 additional questions for even deeper insight.

Next, connect your Delighted and Squarespace Commerce accounts here.

Finally, set a time delay, which allows you to postpone when the survey is sent for a specified amount of time. Why is setting a time delay important? Well, sometimes, even if the order is marked fulfilled, it doesn’t actually mean the product is in your customers’ hands.

By setting a delay of a day, a week, or even a month, you can account for delivery and ensure customers have had time to experience your product. After all, survey timing is one of the leading factors in improving response rates as well as feedback quality. So, set a time delay that works best for you and your customers.

Once you hit save, you’ll have real-time feedback rolling into your Delighted Dashboard in no time. You can even choose to set up a one-time backfill, and get feedback on up to 1,000 fulfilled orders from the past six months.

For more details, head over to the Help Center.

Analyzing your feedback

In addition to triggering surveys in a set-it-and-forget-it fashion, this integration also pulls in Squarespace Commerce billing, order, and shipping information. If you have a Customer Checkout Form set up, we’ll include that data in the Delighted platform as well.

This way, the feedback in your Delighted account will always have context. Segment the feedback by geography, total order value, and more. You’ll be able to isolate areas where you can improve the customer experience, whether it has to do with order fulfillment or the product itself.

Get the full list of Squarespace Commerce customer properties that Delighted integrates here.

Delighted makes collecting and acting on ecommerce feedback easy

Once you’re set up in Delighted, the possibilities are endless. In addition to post-fulfillment surveys, set up web surveys to collect feedback on your website, or use survey kiosks to get feedback on your brick-and-mortar retail experience.

You can even take the best pieces of positive feedback and display them as testimonials on your site as social proof.

Delighted also integrates with all the most popular help desk software solutions, customer relationship management systems, and marketing tools, so you can set up a holistic, customer-centric company.

Sign up to send 250 surveys for free, and experience why so many ecommerce unicorns grow with our experience management software.