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What's the difference between qualitative vs quantitative research?
Qualitative vs. quantitative research: What’s the difference?
Employee satisfaction survey questions: 15 examples, plus how to get started
custom sending domain
Introducing Custom Sending Domains: Make your email “from” address your own domain
double-barreled questions featured image
Double-barreled question: Definition, examples, and how to avoid it 
delighted survey translations
Introducing Survey Translations: Create multilingual surveys for global customer and employee feedback
Keys to skimmable surveys
The 5 keys to skimmable surveys for improved feedback
acquiescence bias strategies featured image
4 strategies to prevent acquiescence bias in your customer surveys
csat 3 ces 7 featured image
2 new survey types: 3-point CSAT surveys and 7-point CES surveys
pmf survey featured image
Announcing Delighted Product/Market Fit surveys. Add PMF to your product development toolkit.
employee survey featured image
3 tips for effectively surveying your employees
enps surveys featured image
Your employee feedback solution has arrived! Introducing employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys
nps csat ces featured image
CSAT vs NPS vs CES: Which customer satisfaction metric is best?
best product survey questions featured image
10 best product survey questions for product managers to gather customer feedback
customize comment thank you featured image
Delighted survey update: Customize the Comment and Thank you page
Experience Management 101
What is the customer lifecycle? Definition, stages, and tips
What are customer touchpoints and how to identify them (with examples)
Distributing Surveys
NPS email: A complete guide (with tips & examples)
5 popular ways to use 5-star surveys [Video]
Reporting & Analysis
Email digests: The easiest way to stay on top of feedback
New integration: Sync survey responses into Google Sheets

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.

“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”
Andy Dunn
Founder and CEO
“Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.”
JT Marino
“You need users’ thoughtful, raw feedback to correct and improve experiences for all customers in the future.”
Amanda Richardson
VP Product