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Introducing the ActiveCampaign integration: 5 survey triggers to automate your CX program
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CX leader spotlight: Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS
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What is employee experience (EX) & why is it important?
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4 strategies to prevent acquiescence bias in your customer surveys
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Voice of the Customer methodologies and question examples
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Introducing Delighted Core Certification: A free course to help you become a Delighted expert
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2 new survey types: 3-point CSAT surveys and 7-point CES surveys
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Announcing Delighted Product/Market Fit surveys. Add PMF to your product development toolkit.
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How to get started understanding and improving employee satisfaction
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The 3 components of an effective employee survey
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What is product/market fit?
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What is employee engagement?
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Your employee feedback solution has arrived! Introducing employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys
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Email survey subject lines: 7 Best practices to improve your open and click-through rates