Experience Management 101

Get back to basics with educational guides and tips on perfecting experiences across customer and employee lifecycles. Learn how to improve your product-market fit, increase customer retention, boost employee satisfaction, and so much more!

customer touchpoints featured image
A beginner’s guide to understanding customer touchpoints
buyer persona featured image
How to create a buyer persona: Best practices and helpful tips
employee advocacy featured image
What is employee advocacy and how to improve it: 4 easy tips
customer service metrics featured image
5 customer service metrics you need to start tracking regularly
featured image ceo product guide
A CEO’s guide to product-led growth: 5 best practices for growing your business
customer engagement hubspot
Customer engagement 101 | What, why, and how explained
cx leader spotlight michael bair
CX leader spotlight: Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS
employee experience management featured image
Mastering employee experience management: A how-to guide 
voice of the customer methodology featured image
Voice of the Customer methodologies and question examples
delighted core certification featured image
Introducing Delighted Core Certification: A free course to help you become a Delighted expert
employee satisfaction featured image
How to get started understanding and improving employee satisfaction
product market fit featured image
What is product/market fit?
employee engagement featured image
What is employee engagement?
how delighted uses delighted featured image
How Delighted Uses Delighted: An interview with Customer Concierge